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Magic Tricks, Magic DVDs, Coin Tricks, Gaff Cards, Silks, Sponge Balls, Linking Rings, Cups & Balls, Gaff Coins, Stage Magic, Rope Magic, Silk Magic, Street Magic, Dice Magic, Illusions, Mystery & More! Everything for the professional magician on down to beginning magicians! Welcome to Seattle Magic's online magic shop! If your in the market for great magic...enjoy!

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Some things you can expect to find here:

Illusion Coins
This is one of the best coin effects you can do for anyone! Hands down...real magic. This is super coins across while the coins remain visable until the last second! The coins are well made...beautiful and sure to be a requested favorite in your act.

Nail Through Thumb Trick
Great for Halloween or other sick events!
Warning: This trick is a bit gruesome! Beware!